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About Us

The Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs Secretariat (VRCLP) was established with support from Victorian State Government in 2012 to support the Regional Community Leadership Programs (RCLP). VRCLP was established as an Incorporated Association in June 2013.

ABN 43 961 424 432

VRCLP was registered with the Australian Charities and Nor-for-profits Commission on 1 July 2015.

Our Vision:

Leaders in Leadership | Supporting the development of Victoria's Community Leaders

Our Mission:

Developing leaders capable of positively impacting their communities

Our Values:

Leadership:  Lead from the front to shape a better future
Collaboration:  Leverage our collective intellect and value diversity
Community:  Embody collective responsibility and actively contribute to society
Innovation: Fostering creative ideas

Our Strategic Plan 2015-2019:

Our latest Strategic Plan 2015-19 was developed in November 2015 and approved at our January 2016 Board meeting. In summary VRCLP will focus on four strategic imperatives:

1. Supporting Sustainability and Collaboration of RCLPs

Central to the success of VRCLP and RCLPs is our ability to be sustainable and grow our collaboration and leadership influence through and across multiple leadership avenues.

2. Building the Capability of RCLPs

VRCLP will build the capability and capacity of RCLPs through the provision of support, advice, information and professional development of staff/board/committee members. This will ensure RCLPs continue to be solid, respected, valued locally and regionally and seen as the Leadership Capacity Building Program of choice.

3. Raising the Profile of RCLPs

VRCLP will monitor and implement stakeholder engagement and communication programs raising the profiles of leadership programs across rural and regional Victoria with a view to being the leading voice in Community Leadership, attracting and retaining strong partnerships across diverse sectors and increasing participation rate across our programs.

4. Demonstrating the Impact of RCLPs 

Continue to build awareness and understanding of the impact of our programs through robust research, analysis and evaluations. Providing sound evidence through program design, collaboration and innovation in order to ascertain and demonstrate the financial, social and environmental impact and benefits to our communities.